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    Sunday, 16 October 2016

    Samsung's Galaxy S8 flagship will rock a 4K display in 2017

    Samsung's Galaxy S8 flagship will rock a 4K display in 2017

    Samsung is currently the centre of attention in the mobile space, but not for the best of reasons. You've likely heard by now about how Samsung's most recent handset, the Galaxy Note 7 phablet, has a major manufacturing defect which has caused it to violently explode or catch fire. This has occured in an admittedly small number of cases - however, the defect is such that no-one is taking any risks. Samsung's already issued one major recall at considerable financial loss, issuing refunds or replacement units to consumers, but having deemed these new models "safe" the problem is reportedly still occuring; Note 7's are still blowing up.

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    For the last few years, Samsung has launched its Galaxy flagships a day or two ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain; the event typically kicks off towards the end of February and/or the beginning of March.

    In the aftermath of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding battery debacle, and Samsung's subsequent mass global recall, rumours are afoot in the tech sphere that Samsung may bring its planned launch of the Galaxy S8 forward, earlier than previously expected.

    According to new reports on October 10, Samsung is gearing up to launch the Galaxy S8 on February 26. Twitter tipster @ricciolo1, who has a good track record with these things, posted a teaser image on the social network, which is allegedly an official one. Essentially the teaser reaveals what many anticipated, the launch will take place in Barcelona to coincide with the MWC 2017 expo there, it'll be a Samsung Galaxy Unpacked branded event kicking off at 7pm local time on the aforementioned February 26 date. Ricciolo1 seems to be implying this is the originally planned launch date, however, as the source says "no early announcement".

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